The Photography Studies Program offers an integrated academic framework for undergraduate studies in the theory and practice of photography and related media, leading to career possibilities in the many creative, artistic and commercial fields that utilize the photographic image, or to further study at the graduate level. The aim of the program is to produce graduates capable of working effectively in traditional and digital image-making systems. The curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility. The foundation years provide a base for working in an interdisciplinary mode at the upper year levels. An atmosphere of creative and critical inquiry across all four years gives students a rich awareness of the visual, aesthetic, technological, and cultural issues affecting the creation of images, as well as an enhanced appreciation of the rapid and radical changes occurring in the professions they will be entering.



The Integrated Digital (ID) Option is available to film and photography majors starting in third year. The Option is comprised of studio and lecture courses in image-based media and visual studies. The Option is designed to expand creative and analytical skills beyond the borders of film and photography. Areas such as multi-channel, titling, web-based image book design are among the many cross-platform, interactive art practices offered within the Integrated Digital Option.

Photography Studies—Is It For You?

Everywhere you look there are photographs. A photo has the power to convey complex meaning, stir emotions and spark conversation. In Photography Studies, the focus is on using the theories and techniques of the craft, along with a healthy dose of imagination, to create images that compel, provoke and inspire viewers. Today, the practice of photography has expanded to include web tools, video and sound. This program embraces both old and new technology to teach you how to turn your photography into art. Ryerson graduates find work as photographers and make a valuable contribution to Canada’s visual art practice.


  • Learn about everything from historical photographic processes, to contemporary print-based media, to advanced electronic applicationsin imaging.
  • Take courses in production, tools and applications, theories of representation, technology and photography critique.
  • Develop your personal photographic style and vision in an intensive production environment using photography and multiple tools to create and disseminate images.
  • Participate in the production of Function, the photography magazine; help organize a lecture series; and take part in the end of year show Maximum Exposure.
  • A variety of minors are available

After Graduation

  • Work in a wide range of established and emerging professional fields that involve the lens-based image.
  • Pursue roles in fashion, sports, travel, journalism, advertising/marketing, photographic research and production, conservation, arts administration, visual arts and digital imaging.
  • Complete graduate studies in the fine arts, cultural studies, communications or digital media.


Run by Ryerson’s School of Image Arts, which was established in 1948 and is the oldest and most prestigious in Canada, this program offers:

Work Placement: Build your practical experience and make valuable career contacts by completing an internship at a company involved in photographic services.

Practical Assignments: Complete photography projects in such forms as exhibitions, books, magazines, short films, digital media and site-specific installations.

Independent Project: A self-directed project enables you to create a conceptual and visual production of images that will be displayed to the public.

Leading-edge Facilities: Enjoy access to one of North America’s largest photo production facilities, which features extensive areas and equipment for analog and digital image-making. The School of Images Arts itself houses the new Ryerson Image Centre, which contains the world-renowned Black Star Collection.

Global Learning: Expand your knowledge of photography theories and practices by participating in an international exchange program.

Comprehensive Materials: With Canada’s largest teaching collection of film, photography and new media materials, the School of Image Arts enables you to put classroom learning into context.


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Function Magazine is an annual student-run publication of Film, Photography, and New Media work from Ryerson University’s Image Arts Program.


Maximum Exposure is Ryerson University’s annual end-of-year photography and art exhibition, which showcases work by emerging photography, film, and new media artists.


Summer Edition