About the Program: Everywhere you look there are photographs. A photo has the power to convey complex meaning, stir emotions and spark conversation. In Photography Studies, the focus is on using the theories and techniques of the craft, along with a healthy dose of imagination, to create images that compel, provoke and inspire viewers. Today, the practice of photography has expanded to include web tools, video and sound. This program embraces both old and new technology to teach you how to turn your photography into art. Ryerson graduates find work as photographers and make a valuable contribution to Canada’s visual art practice.

Ryerson University – Admissions

Below is an example of the portfolio requirements (Fall 2019 Admissions) and are subject to change.

Once applicants apply official documentation and requirements will be sent via email through you Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal.

SIX Images Based on a Theme

A carefully edited selection of six images that you have created based on a specific, FOCUSED theme.

These works can be done in any lens-based media and may also incorporate mixed media (i.e. image/text, image/sound, photographic/web, etc.) Demonstrate how you see the world, what media tools you use and how you express yourself. These images should be no larger than 2000 x 1500 pixels, at 150 dpi (medium size).

These images should be introduced by a statement describing your theme and what it means to you. You are encouraged to design a cover page/title page for this sequence. Written descriptions should be no more than 250 words.

Selection of Your Best SIX Images

A selection of six visual works you have created that demonstrate your abilities as an image-maker. These works can be done in any media (e.g. photography, video, painting, drawing) and can also incorporate mixed and hybrid media (e.g image/text, image/sound, photographic/web, etc.) You are encouraged to present work that shows a broader range of your skills. Demonstrate how you see the world, what media tools you use and how you express yourself. These images should be no larger than 2000 x 1500 pixels, at 150 dpi (medium size).

Personal Statement:

From one of the following websites, search ONE image that you find intriguing and write an essay discussing your interpretation of that image and why you have chosen it. Please download the chosen image and include a copy of the image in your statement along with the photographer’s name, title, date, and media information. Be sure to include the full URL listed below. The statement should be no more than 500 words in Times New Roman 12pt font, double spaced with margins set at 81⁄2” x 11” with 1” margins around (approximately two typed pages). Please save your personal statement as a .pdf file.

Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto:
George Eastman House, Rochester:
International Center of Photography, New York:


Submit a current resumé outlining your education, creative experience and abilities, computer skills and applications you are familiar with (e.g Photoshop, etc.), work experience, volunteer activities, related skills, interests and any special awards (not to exceed two pages). Please save your resumé as a .pdf file.

Submission Instructions:

Applicants are required to submit all components of their non-academic requirements via the Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal.

After you have applied you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your Ryerson Online Identity. You will gain access to the Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal in order to upload specific supporting documents.

Admission Requirements

This is a Grades Plus program. In addition to the academic requirements listed below, this program selects students on the basis of grades PLUS non-academic requirements.

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