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Every year the School of Image Arts is able to present students with awards, thanks to the generosity of various companies, associations and individuals. Awards are presented in the fall, based on a student’s academic and/or production work performance during the previous year. The submission and/or application information will be emailed and/or posted on the bulletin board across from the elevators on the 2nd floor. Recipients of awards are notified before the awards ceremony.

Application Dates are announced on a yearly basis.

The awards and their criteria are listed below:

Peter Gerretsen Bursaries

Awarded to third or fourth year students who demonstrate creativity and potential as evidenced by production work in core professional courses, academic proficiency, extra-curricular involvement, student initiative and financial need.

Ike Morgulis First Year Proficiency Award

Awarded to the first-year student with the highest aggregate standing in design, technology and visual courses.

John deBlois Memorial Award (may not be issued on a annual basis)

Awarded for academic proficiency and highest overall standing in photographic technology studies during the first three years of the Photography Studies Program and general academic proficiency in these years.

Universal Studios Canada Scholarship in Filmmaking

Awarded to students with the highest GPA in 1st and 2nd year film.

Karen Miller-Tait Memorial Award

Recognizes outstanding creative design production, demonstrated by students in the first three years of study in the New Media Program.

Consulat Général de France & Alliance Française Festivals in France – (may not be issued on a annual basis)

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated creative potential in their production work and academic proficiency overall.

Paul Semple Memorial Award

Awarded for the demonstration of creativity and potential as evidenced by production work in core professional courses, academic proficiency and financial need.

Adina Photo Presentation Awards  (may not be issued on a annual basis)

Awarded to 4 students from second to fourth year photography who demonstrate an interest in the preservation of photography through their colour or black and white production work.

Edie Yolles Award

Awarded to a current Film student for Film or Video work that demonstrates both technical and creative proficiency.

Elvino Sauro Film Award

Awarded to a fourth year film student to support their use of the film medium and who demonstrates the greatest technical proficiency.

Natalie McDonald Award (may not be issued on a annual basis)

Awarded to a fourth year female student in the Film program who shows courage and remarkable innovation in her work.

Harvey Hart Director’s Award

Awarded to the top fourth year student who demonstrates talent, leadership, technical skills and exceptional ability in the field of directing as well as an overall sense of professionalism.

James Dutton Memorial Award

Recognizing a Photography student in second or third year for their best produced digital photographic prints from their current or previous academic year.

Nick Holeris Memorial Award

Awarded to a student who has successfully completed all screenwriting courses and demonstrated exceptional initiative, creativity and originality and continues to the fourth year of the Film program.

Technicolor Award in Cinematography (may not be issued on a annual basis)

Awarded to second, third and fourth year students in the Film Studies program to honour their achievements in the art of cinematography.

Jack Kuper Film Award

Awarded to the student in the second or third year of the Film Studies Program, who demonstrates financial need and creative potential for film production and/or writing for film.

Kodak Product Grant (may not be issued on a annual basis)

Donated to The School of Image Arts to give to the fourth year film students whose films have been assessed and chosen by faculty on the basis of their quality, feasibility, creativity.

SF Awards in Photography

Provides financial assistance to a deserving first, second and third-year Photography student to be used towards their production work.  Award is based on Academic achievement  and production work from the previous year.

William F. White Film Equipment Awards

Awarded to one or more film students in fourth year for the production of their final film, having been assessed by faculty for quality, feasibility, creativity and the ability of the producer to carry out the film requirements.

Norman Jewison Filmmaker Award

Presented to the students who show the greatest film production abilities in the third year and fourth year of the program.

HSBC Canada Award

Presented to students in the first, second and third year of the film program with high academic standings.

Graeme Bird Memorial Film Award

Presented to students in the third and fourth year film studies program who demostrate high academic proficiency and creative potential in film production.

Dean’s List

Recognizes outstanding and consistent academic performance for full-time day students in each year of the three programs.

Faculty of Communication and Design Awards For Excellence

To the top returning, full-time degree students across all academic programs, based on a combination of academic and creative excellence.

Note: Not all awards may be represented here.

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