Platforms of Heaven
The Bolivian Plateau

At 4,500 meters (15,000 feet) above the sea,
a daunting and alien universe skirts the Andean Mountain ranges of southern Bolivia.

Journey to Uyuni:
Each moment another page in a mad artist's sketch book

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Crossing into southern Bolivia from Chile, the roads disappear and the landscape takes on the ineffably beautiful and vaguely terrifying qualities of a constantly changing phantasmagorical other world…Mars? Pluto? The Moon? Something from an unimagined solar system? 

Many of these images were taken while struggling to breath, trying not to faint, willing oneself to take one more step, moving as if at the bottom of the sea while fighting the unsettling nausea that altitude sickness inflicts on many new-comers from down below.


©Brian Damude / 2008