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The “critical” in critical topography is a method of elaboration and iteration as argued within and about a place. It allows us to raise questions as to how place matters in political, historical, aesthetic and social contexts. More than an object of study, landscape is conceived as a dynamic human investment that points beyond itself, and challenges researchers to find new terms to investigate locales imbued with social meaning, identity and site-specific subjectivity.

The symposium provided an opportunity to define and ‘workshop’ foundational concepts in the study of this emergent approach to the subject of landscape, which was explored in a series of panel segments and related keynote presentations on the following six topics:

  • Visual and Literary Landscapes
  • Landscape in Motion: Ecology, Climate, Carbon
  • The Memnopolis through the Commons
  • Forensic Landscape and the Nuclear Paradigm
  • Paradigms of Critical Topography

Conference Program is available here: brochureCT11

Some of the Critical Topography conference participants.

On July 2, 2017

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