Meet the Exhibitors

The next generation of media makers showcasing nineteen evocative works telling stories through film, photography, site-specific installation, gallery exhibition, photo book and new media work.

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Joginder Singh

Multimedia Installation

Of Indian origin, Joginder Singh is a Toronto-based artist working with architectural-documentary photography and sound. Notions of Heritage and Architecture have always had a special place in his heart, and he tends to photograph these spaces a lot, the spatiotemporal visuals contributing towards keeping our ephemeral architectural heritage alive. Trained in architecture, he is fascinated with the intersections of architectural heritage and the urban fabric, especially ones where the original symbiotically co-exists with the altered.

Joginder has shown his work in solo and group shows. He has curated shows of student work as part of his interdisciplinary teaching practice that blurs the boundaries between photography and design.

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Sadaf Khajeh


Sadaf Khajeh is a Torornto based artist with a background in Interior Design, Photography, and Visual Design, which has allowed her to explore different mediums and skills to create more diverse projects and push her creative boundaries. She received her Bachelor of Interior Design from X University (Formerly Ryerson University) and has a certification in Photography Studies from Chang School of Continuing Education. Sadaf’s creative narrative is often informed by her own experience of immigrating to Canada in her teens, as she often tries to form a bridge between the two cultures she belongs to by further exploring their sociocultural similarities and differences. Her short film titled “Distance” has been officially selected and screened at multiple local festivals and events including the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Photophobia Contemporary Moving Image Festival, Trinity Square Video & Vtape’s Video Fever 2021, CineFAM Film Festival 2021, and Pleasure Dome’s Domestic Documents: Spaces of Care & Crisis

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Patricia (patty) saad


Patricia (Patty) Saad is a freelancer from Fredericton, New Brunswick, and is now living in Toronto, Ontario. She has been working in the theatre industry for 10+ years and in the film/radio industry for 5+ years. In the world of theatre production, Patricia has a focus on lighting, audio, technical production, and stage management. Crossing-over into film, she has a breadth of knowledge regarding video/audio equipment, recording and editing in relation to both fiction film and documentary film. All encompassing, Patricia is a cinematographer, video editor, theatre technician, technical director, and lighting designer.

Patricia is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media: Film at X University (Formerly known as Ryerson University). She is a St. Thomas University Alumni (20′), graduating with a BA in English with a Concentration in Drama and minors in Fine Arts, Journalism and Criminology. 

While at St. Thomas, Patricia grew her passions of theatre, radio journalism and filmmaking, and she integrated them together for her master’s degree.

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Sila Alici Kavuk

Multimedia Installation

Sila Alici Kavuk is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, with roots in Turkey. Her work revolves around exploring and inciting social change through non-fiction storytelling. She takes on projects that highlight social justice issues, with a thematic focus on immigration,  climate and gender. Sila has worked extensively with non-profits, the United Nations and community-led initiatives in North America and the Middle East throughout her career. She holds a BA in Communication and Design from Bilkent University and an MFA candidate in Documentary Media from X University.

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Giovanni Capriotti


Giovanni Capriotti specializes in long-form in-depth documentary explorations that examine how time and inevitability of compromise shape individuals, communities, history, culture, and human condition. Through the integration of photography, moving images, audio, experiential prose, and personal testimonials, he strives to deepen his understanding of worldly affairs and the role of contemporary documentary practice. Giovanni’s imagery has appeared on multiple fine publications domestically and internationally and employed by an array of commercial clients. He is on the Advisory Board of the Loyalist College Photojournalism Program, plus runs photography workshops, lectures, and talks and teaches photojournalism at University of Guelph-Humber.

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Zacharie bachand


Zacharie Bachand is an artist and musician located in Moncton, New Brunswick. His interest in documentary art emerged from his work as a traveling musician. Photography became a way for him to make sense of places experienced all too briefly, and a manner in which he could memorialize his travels and personal encounters. While his visual work engages with questions of place and belonging, his musical work takes similar themes as its inspiration and starting point. His first film, Barn Down, is a piece of slow cinema made in the Eastern Townships of Québec, his home region. He is currently completing an MFA in Documentary Media at X University.

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Chelsea Nyomi Richards

Multimedia Installation

Chelsea Nyomi Richards is a first-generation Canadian of Jamaican heritage. Her work explores the connectivity of the world through art, and she is interested in artistic identity, cultural identity, sentimental stories, and community building through shared experiences. As a multidisciplinary artist, she expresses her interests through the mediums of film, photography, graphic design, creative direction, and writing. Prior to her studies in Documentary Media, she completed a diploma in Broadcast Television & Videography from Humber College (2020), and holds a BScH in Life Sciences, with a specialization in Neuroscience from Queen’s University (2018). 

She is currently employed as a video editor in the film & television industry and operates a small business, Vagus Creatives (, which is a blog and magazine dedicated to sharing the stories and work of artists and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

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luke galati


Luke Galati is a triple threat — a journalist & documentarian specializing in filmmaking, photography and writing. He is the director of the award-winning documentary, Eastern, which chronicles the final chapter of the Eastern Commerce Saints, Canada’s most historic high school basketball program. Eastern was screened at five theatres in Toronto, including the TIFF Bell Lightbox and was broadcasted nationally on TSN. For three years, Luke worked as an associate producer with the Toronto Raptors’ documentary series, Open Gym.

Last but not least, Luke is dedicated to coaching youth basketball in East York, which he has done for the past six years. Currently, he is working on his next film, living in Toronto’s east-end.

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chenxi bao

Photo Installation

Chenxi Bao is a Toronto-based self-taught street photographer and content editor. Her work explores the notions around the identity of immigration and cultural representation through daily street photos. With her Chinese-Canadian background, she uses an
observational way to capture the discursive moment about the cultural isolation and modern
She received her BA in Communication studies from York University in Toronto. Her work was exhibited in Bread and Butter 2020 Digital Toast from December 5th ,2020 to January 3rd, 2021.

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Chris donovan

Photography/Art Installation

Chris Donovan is a documentary photographer based between Toronto and New Brunswick. Hailing from the industrial city of Saint John, New Brunswick, his practice focuses on the intersection of community and industry. The Cloud Factory is his graduating thesis exhibition for his MFA in the Documentary Media Program.

His work has been awarded the New Generation Photography Award for which he was featured in a group exhibition produced in partnership with the Ryerson Image Centre and the National Gallery of Canada in 2021. He has also been awarded a World Press Photo Award, the Environmental Vision Award (University of Missouri), and the Ian Parry Scholarship, and most recently, the Ryerson Image Centre Student Production Award – In memory of George Fleischmann. His photographs have appeared in group shows in more than 40 countries, and across Canada, including at the National Gallery of Canada.

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yuetong liu


Yuetong Liu was born and raised in Tianjin, China. She received her BA in Sociology and Economics at the University of Connecticut and is currently pursuing an MFA in Documentary Media at X University (formerly known as Ryerson University). She has worked as a freelance commercial ads producer, writer/editor, independent documentarian and podcaster both in Beijing, China and Toronto, Canada. 

Yuetong Liu is an amateur artist and professional experiencer. She enjoys trying different art forms as she believes one expression form would always inspire other forms in unexpected ways. Though the outputs are different, her art concerns always keep consistent in culture, minorities, and self-exploration. She cares about human beings.


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zephyr wen

Photography/Art Installation

Huaijun Wen is a Chinese Canadian artist who specializes in fine art photography. His work is
primarily figurative and carries a specific focus on plant life. He has participated in multiple
gallery group shows both locally and internationally. Among these exhibitions, he has notably
shown his work at the Culture House Laikku in Finland, Gallery 1313 in Toronto, and at the
Shandong University in Weihai, China. His work has contributed to the publication of Florals
2021 (online) published by John B. Aird Gallery and Visual Catalysts published by CICAT 2025
in Finland.

He entrusts his vision unto the sublime strength of nature. During his research and exploration, Wen passionately studies the limitless diversities of plants and our bodies. He
thoroughly observes his subjects, analyze them, and presents to us in stunning visual format the
intricate relationship between humans and nature.


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Joey Bonifacio


Joey Bonifacio is an emerging filmmaker originally from Vancouver, BC. He is currently completing his MFA in documentary media at X University. His film documents the provision of transgender care to pediatric patients. When not filming or editing or watching theatre, Joey is a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist at St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Joey completed an AB in linguistics (Cornell) and MD (UBC). Joey completed an MSc in Experimental Medicine (McGill), an MPH (Harvard), an MA in sociocultural anthropology (UofT), and an MTS in Theology (Regis College, UofT). 


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Julia Wittman


Julia Wittmann is a musician and sound designer based in Toronto. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University) RTA: School of Media in 2017, and has since worked as an Associate Producer/ Technician for CBC National Radio. She currently works as a sound designer for CBC Podcasts, and has mixed series including The Village Season 2 and Season 3, White Hot Hate, and The Kill List. As a musician, Julia performs in Toronto-based bands Dilettante, Breeze, and Praises, and is also producing her debut solo record as Loganism. As a documentarian, Julia is interested in using sound and music as vessels for stories of social issues. Her first documentary film, Housing and People Action Plan, is a creative re-telling of how the City of Toronto responded to homeless encampments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Denis Romanov

Multimedia Installation

Denis Romanov is a musician and documentary (film)maker based in the place now known as Toronto, Canada. Growing up in Samara, Russia, he discovered interest in film, music and photography by way of skateboarding. He has two bachelor’s degrees that combined literary studies, linguistics and anthropology.

In his creative work, Denis usually finds inspiration in unexpected conversations with strangers, stories stranger than fiction, solitude and the relationship between the human and non-human worlds. Outside of his documentary work and a day job at a non-profit, he can be heard playing music as Day Ra-Koon.

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Alana Repstock


Alana Repstock is a filmmaker and photographer based in Canada. She has a penchant for observational documentary and is much inspired by human relationships, fashion, food, languages and modes of speaking. She holds a BA in Journalism from Concordia University with a minor in Human Rights. She has worked in the past with Vice and has produced independent journalism, both written and visual, in North America, Europe and Asia. She has recently begun experimenting with short video essays and montages as well as image collages and plans to continue making work at the intersection of documentary and art. 

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Lakshya is a Nepali-Canadian documentary filmmaker and editor based in Toronto.  Her journey as a filmmaker started with the short film Teaching Taboo: Sex Education & the South Asian Diaspora, which was produced and screened as a part of the Reel Asian International Film Festival’s Unsung Voices program in 2015. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Development and her work lies at the intersection of art and social justice.  From a series of short films featuring trailblazing Sri Lankan women to impromptu audio-visual street performances in seven cities in South Asia, Lakshya places her own experiences and social location at the center of her work.

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Ashley Finch


Ashley Finch is a Canadian film producer and documentary filmmaker. She graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies in 2020 and is working on her Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media in 2022. Among her most notable achievements, First Love (2021), a short film she produced, won the Norman Jewison Filmmaker Awards and has screened at various film festivals worldwide, winning multiple awards.

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Andrew Fullerton


Andrew Fullerton is a non-fiction filmmaker based out of Toronto, Canada. His work primarily focuses on the boundary between reality and imagination, as well as the process of using introspection as a research tool.

He has a BAH in Professional Communications from Toronto Metropolitan University and graduated from Seneca College’s Documentary and Non-Fiction Media program with the completion of his first short film A Roll of the Die (2019).