A Peoplehood/

Amiut Yehudit

Photography/ Art Installation



A PEOPLEHOOD : AMIUT YEHUDIT is a multimedia installation examining Toronto’s contemporary Jewish community and, simultaneously, the emotional impact of today’s insidious antisemitism. Comprised primarily of a nonlinear two-channel video, disparate themes are weaved together using items people encounter everyday (photos, newspaper, social media) as well as audio from disembodied voices. An experiential gathering is created that encourages the audience to recognize connections and arrive at meaning. The work is an intimate portrayal of the complexity of a community as it reflects upon aspects of identity, pride and trepidation while celebrating its identity in many forms.

A Peoplehood/Amiut Yehudit Multimedia Installation








Where: Ryerson Artspace Gallery, Suite LL106, 401 Richmond St. W.

When: August 4-29 (Wednesday to Saturday 1:00 – 5:00 pm)

Artist Statement

As a Jewish Torontonian and second-generation Canadian, I have an insider’s perspective with regard to focussing my lens on “the Other” and reflecting how shared collective memory gives rise to group identity. My own age provides perspective in portraying this story: I have one foot in the past with memories of how things were in the 20th century – the age of “analogue” prior to social media, am grounded in the present with fluency in current media practices, and I have one foot in the future seeing events through my children’s eyes and wondering how the world will change. As an artist, I use imagery paired with voice to create an analytical space and place for subjective engagement.

Marnie Salsky