Walking with the invisible

Photography/ Art Installation



‘Walking with the Invisible ‘is a documentary project that explores the course of the buried Taddle Creek in today’s Toronto. It encourages looking and listening to what cannot be immediately seen or heard —a lost piece of nature and history in the city, retrieved through an installation of video, cyanotypes and sound. Through studying a hidden river of Toronto, this project explores how humans have reshaped the natural environment of the city.

The method is mainly process/practice-based research which includes a long term ‘walking with camera’ and analyzing the whole experience of the place. This investigation aims to represent a hidden phenomenon by capturing the trace of it on cyanotypes, walking the course of it as an experimental performance and juxtaposing photo and sound to create a ‘mind image’. It tries to depict, not the river but the “absence” of it and loss of it— to make a sense of longing—for the river and for the sense of place it could have been creating. This work is representing a presence of absence; a spatial memory of a lost landscape.


Artist’s Bio

Marzieh M Miri is a Toronto-based Iranian documentary photographer currently completing Documentary Media MFA at Ryerson University. Her research and creative practice explore the notions of place, land and environment through photographic mediums. She is especially interested in practice-based and sensorial approaches that explore humans and their environment as a united existence. Her work has been exhibited in Iran, France, Austria and Canada. She has also worked as an architect (MArch & BArch) , lecturer, writer and critic and has published in ‘European Journal of Media, Art and Photography’, ‘Akkasee Website’ and ‘Tandis Magazine’ and presented in conferences in Canada and Iran.

Marzieh M Miri