Black squiggles

white background

Photography/ Art Installation



Black Squiggles White Background is a photography based project focusing on the mental and emotional healing power of literary fiction.

We are not the only species that can communicate through a shared vocal language, but we are the only species that can learn to read. With this skill, we are propelled into a world of imagination to experience an author’s creativity through our own experiences. Literary fiction has the ability to change our point of view, shape cultures and question our beliefs. We embrace being part of a common quest, feel strength of community, validate perspectives and question assumptions.


Artist’s Bio

Ralph Silva is a Toronto based artist working with imaging arts to create documentary and factual stories. Fine art photography and interactive installations are his primary tools, encouraging people to question perspectives and find individual meaning in detail. As individuals, we have unique experiences that govern how we interpret our world. Ralph’s goal is to provide the foundation for individual perspectives through a roadmap based on visual details in order to encourage a private journey. Success for Ralph is measured by an emotional interpretation of his work framed within a personal context.

Ralph Silva