for Nothing

26 mins
English Canada



Thanks for Nothing follows Hamiltonian Sharon Miller as she fights against displacement, trying to stay in her apartment and home despite numerous maintenance and pest issues. The transit agency Metrolinx became Sharon’s new landlord when they purchased her building to construct a Light Rail Transit system and have been trying to evict her from her unit without offering appropriate compensation and an alternative place to live. With nowhere affordable to move to within the increasingly gentrified city of Hamilton, Sharon fights back against displacement pressures and against a city that sees her as dispensable.



Director’s Bio

Taras Hemon is a film and image maker based in Hamilton, Ontario. Hemon primarily works with documentary, creating films and images that touch on themes of urban displacement, poverty and activism. He is currently completing a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in the Documentary Media Studies Program at Ryerson University, working on a short documentary film “Hamilton is Home.” The film follows the experiences of a tenant facing eviction threats and displacement due to gentrification.

Taras Hemon