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Function is an annual arts and culture publication and website based out of the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University. It is a student-run initiative aiming to showcase the work produced by the Image Arts students to engage in ongoing dialogues surrounding contemporary fine art from a critical and professional perspective, and to gain valuable insight from industry professionals, artists, and scholars. It presents the work produced by the school’s highly diverse and creative student body, as well as interviews with industry professionals. 

Function 19’s team is:

Julia Nemfield — Managing Editor

Dylan Courville — Financial Director

Rida Ghazali — Creative Director & Design

Cover Image by Annana Rafa

For the last eighteen years, Function has been a publication that showcases the artistic work of many individuals in the Image Arts community.  Function has always worked to embrace a wide variety of talents and creative approaches, and for our nineteenth issue, it is our pleasure to welcome both this ongoing variety of work and a wider variety of voices and experiences.

We are on the verge of change—not simply for this publication but the entire world—and it is time we all listen. To hear the voices we have often ignored; to understand experiences outside our own. The new issue provides individuals with a platform to assert their identity and to showcase the dimensions of individual differences and the dynamics of diversity. In giving these works a publication platform, we hope to encourage positive discussion of the relevant—albeit controversial—topics of our time.

We strive to create an issue that is representative of an entire community, whether by featuring work in the publication, or by reflecting community input through open dialogue and student participation in critical panel discussions about the shape and direction of this issue. In doing so we hope to offer a step in a positive, inclusive direction. We are so fortunate to have created a platform for such an array of artists. We hope you enjoy it.

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