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Function Magazine sits down to chat with amazing talent

Che Kothari is a photographer, director, producer, organizer, manager, instigator and artist. Whether in life or in his practice, Che brings tremendous energy towards anything he creates. He graduated from Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts in Stills Photography in

An Iranian-Canadian filmmaker, video artist, and film editor based in Montreal. Sadaf Foroughi has a bachelor’s degree in French Literature, a master’s degree in Film Studies, and a Ph.D. in Film Philosophy. Her most recent feature film, Ava, made waves

Nakeya Brown is a practicing photographic artist and mother, currently living and working in the D.C. Metropolitan Area. Since receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University, Brown has generated a vast body of work that explores race, beauty politics,

Tiffany Hsiung is a filmmaker with a focus on bridging the intergenerational gap, creating nonjudgmental atmospheres for discussion, and making sure that today’s generation remembers the importance of respecting and learning from their elders. Her latest film, The Apology, follows

Kiana Hayeri graduated from Ryerson in 2011. Since leaving the Photography program, she has gone on to win several awards including the National Geographic Award and the Chris Hondros Fund Award. She has been selected for an Iranian Alliances Across