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Wanted: Wedding Photographer for a backyard BBQ 2nd wedding | Jun 17

Wanted: wedding photographer for a backyard BBQ 2nd wedding

Ideal Candidate: recent Ryerson graduate who has done at least a couple of weddings successfully (and has references) and is looking to build their reputation.

Date: Sat June 17th, 2017

Location: very close to Casa Loma in Toronto

Timing: 6-7 hrs of work from approx. 3:15pm to 10:15pm

Rate: based on experience and references, but between $75/hr and $175/hr


  1. Variety of pre-ceremony, ceremony, dinner and dancing photos;
  2. Confident direction of wedding party to take a bunch of traditional, post-ceremony photos;
  3. Assignment, of rights to all images from wedding, to the groom;
  4. Portable storage device or dropbox access to all original, full-size images

Interested?: email sorensra@gmail.com

Thank you.