Work Study Research Assistant position available | Lazarillo de Tormes Aug28


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Work Study Research Assistant position available | Lazarillo de Tormes

Work Study Research Assistant position available.

Project Title: Lazarillo de Tormes: A Graphic Novel.

Project Description:
The larger project involves the continuation (first chapter is completed) of a graphic novel of the censured picaresque narrative Lazarillo de Tormes (1573) and the circumstances that surrounded this edition. The first of its kind to date, our graphic novel will historically contextualize the 1559 prohibition and the production of the 1573 expurgated edition (readers like Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, were possibly reading this edition and the graphic novel will illustrate this fact for example). We believe that this edition will have a significant impact not only on the study of Spanish Peninsular literatures and cultures, on the study of picaresque genre, and on Inquisitorial censorship investigations but also on pop culture. Moreover, the publication of our graphic novel has the potential for widespread appeal and extensive international distribution in North America and Europe. In summary, we will offer a never seen before image of Lazarillo, one that takes into account recent interpretations and studies about the lifes and times of the infamous protagonist and his case in a mass appealing format that will satisfy the academic and the general public alike. The Research Assistant Program will help moving the project forward and will contribute to my career with a critical “push,” departing from the comfort zone of the traditional academic publication without completely doing so. The end product (the graphic novel) will be the result of academic research together with the creative process of writing a script and developing new characters (such as the censor, Velasco and the inquisitor, Valdés not present in the novel).

RA Position Duties and Resposibilities
(Include Interaction with Research Team Members, Supervisory Arrangements):
I am asking for funding to hire a research assistant to assist me while writing the last three chapters of the Lazarillo de Tormes castigado (1573) as a graphic novel adaptation. The large scale project involves the preparation of the complete graphic novel of the expurgated picaresque narrative Lazarillo de Tormes castigado (1573) and the circumstances that surrounded this edition. The research assistant will be responsible for assisting me and the illustrator during the process of writing and drawing the script/art (for example locating resources, researching images from paintings, furniture from the early modern period etc. to reproduce it in the graphic novel). Ideally the research assistant will be fluent in Spanish and have knowledge of web design (Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc.). Close interaction with team members (illustrator and me) once a week meeting and discussion.


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