Job Posting | Assistant for A/V Component of Presentation Feb08


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Job Posting | Assistant for A/V Component of Presentation

Toronto based Designer seeks assistant with Audio and Video creation USING EXISTING VIDEO AND AUDIO FILES.


Video Component:

A.  To edit/combine several existing videos in order to create a 2-3 minute video in an MOV.  or MP4 format. Editing will ONLY require deletion. You are NOT required to use a camera or create anything from scratch.

B.  To create an imagery loop: USING EXISTING IMAGES that can be projected/played repeatedly in a loop


Audio Component:

To create one music/audio track USING EXISTING MUSIC TRACKS by either Mixing OR Stitching OR Overlapping existing music-so that it can be played continuously without interruption.

Format: MP3 OR WAVE

Compensation: $50.00

Must have access to necessary applications


You’ll be working closely with the designer to complete/execute the project – ideally within 3-5 hours

Ideal for a Student or Alumni interested in on-going freelance or project based opportunities

Interested candidates, please contact Mary by mid-March: