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postcards // post-rochdale | Feb 4 – 22 | School of Image Arts

postcards // post-rochdale – Max Cotter

Location:  Ryerson School of Image Arts, 2nd floor corridor (122 bond street)

Exhibition Dates:  February 4-22, 2019

Curated by Image Arts Faculty, Don Snyder

Max Cotter’s postcards // post-rochdale explores a collection of postcards from Coach House Press, purchased by his father in the 1970s. With imagery evoking energies from quirky optimism to claustrophobic paranoia and psychedelic wonder to gritty dystopianism, Cotter constructs parallels to the short-lived history of Rochdale College, a social and educational experiment in the 1960s which was housed in an 18-story building around the corner from Coach House Press. By mapping Rochdale’s history via scattered ephemera, Cotter constructs a way of reading these images that speaks to the ethos of Rochdale, radical education in practice, and other fugitive spaces operating on the fringes of hegemonic culture.