Mina Markovic

Mina Markovic is a Toronto based photographer and image maker who works with photography in conjunction with digital and physical manipulation. Markovic is fascinated with questions of identity and memory in her work; often creating works that investigate how identity is shaped by location, history, heritage and the present. Most recently, Markovic has shifted her focus to an interest in absence in relation to memory and the photographic image, allowing her to utilize absence and fragmentation as tools with which to create investigative images. Her work has been exhibited in a number of shows and publications, most notably Flash Forward (Emerging Artists Incubator program, 2013), the John B. Aird Gallery (2014), HumanitasXV at the Gladstone (2016) and in Gallery 310's exhibition Preserving the Self (2016).


Hongen Nar

Hongen Nar was born and raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, before migrating to Ontario, Canada with his family at the age of fourteen. After graduating from high school he spent two years studying Human Resource Management at York University. However, it was after several impactful events followed by a trip to Singapore during the summer of 2012 to visit his grandfather who suffered from a stroke when Nar realized the importance of documenting personal experiences and the potential of the photographic medium. Since then, photography has become an endless adventure in seeing as he continues to be fascinated by the nature of photographs. After returning to Canada he enrolled in the Image Arts Program at Ryerson University and is currently undertaking a BFA degree while working on documentary projects in Canada and abroad.






Megan Keenan

Megan Keenan is a Canadian photographer currently completing her final year of Ryerson’s photography program. Keenan’s work, regardless of genre, focuses on the art of story telling, using her documentary work to focus on the sides of stories not often being told, and her tableau projects to help tell and dissect stories of complete fiction. In her most recent projects, Keenan’s work has started to additionally focus on the art of the film still and it’s place hanging in the balance between the film and photography disciplines. Keenan’s work has been exhibited at HumanitasXV at the Gladstone (2016), Maximum Exposure (2016), her solo exhibition “Film Stills Without Films” in Gallery 310 (2016), as well as had her work published in Function Magazine.