One Year in Kimmirut

David Bouchard
One Year in Kimmirut, from Constructed Land, 2012
Third Floor North Hallway

One Year in Kimmirut is a piece excerpt from Constructed Land, a multi-format exhibition developed with and including works from Pierre Tremblay, Bruno Lessard and Alex Geddie. The series of prints visualize one year of time-lapsed photographs taken by a webcam located in Kimmirut, Nunavut and archived at a 15 minutes interval. Each panel represents one month of the year, from January to December. Each column of photographs represents a single day.

The work investigates the role of the webcam as an unbiased and unrelenting image collector, unimpeded by aesthetic judgment. Through the multiplicity of a single image, the viewer is given a narrow perspective on this remote landscape, while at the same time exposed to new of ways of seeing. Evoking notions of solitude and encroachment, the fragility of “settlement” and the powerful forces of nature, the work exposes us to a region of the country few of us have experienced.