New Troglodytes II

Philippe Blanchard
New Troglodytes II (2014)
Screen-print on cotton and paper, LED strobelights, computer, sound system.
Audio by Stephanie Davidson (1 hour)

New Troglodytes II continues Philippe Blanchard’s practice of creating the illusion of motion through optical effects involving pigment and coloured light, a form of expanded animation. Using the cave as a primordial space for the development of light as a key technology in human history, Blanchard explores how fire enabled the creation of interior space, of pictorial space, of a relationship to time that was not a factor of natural cycles. The work also attempts to reframe our relation to the moving image as one akin to the “cinema of attractions” (Gunning) of film prehistory, one where seeing images in motion—most likely in a travelling film exhibitor’s tent—was a self-aware experience of an optical magic trick.