Le pli du temps dans le dispositif-lumière

Je vais m’attarder à démontrer que certaines oeuvres se conçoivent et opèrent à partir d’un dispositif-lumière. Ces oeuvres qui détournent les mécanismes de saisi ou de projections de l’image pour révéler une étroite relation entre la source lumineuse et le temps dans notre relation avec l’oeuvre. Ces oeuvres ont en commun d’opérer par leur dispositif une superposition temporelle, un pli du temps qui se révèlent justement par leur mécanisme lumineux. Le passage à Toronto ne pourrait se faire sans s’attarder à Micheal Snow dont plusieurs des oeuvres médiatiques sont des exemples fabuleux de ce que je nomme le dispositif-lumière et de cette idée du pli du temps.

Émile Morin

Émile Morin is an independent artist based in Quebec City. His numerous installations and stage works have been shown in Europe, United States, Australia and Canada – among others, at the Châtelet in Paris, the Vooruit in Gent, the BEAP festival in Perth, the Banff Centre for the Arts and the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art. Based on an “aesthetic of complexity”, his work uses a multiplicity of mechanisms and codes and often seeks to divert the basic function of objects or our perceptive mechanisms. From a systematic, but always renewed, process of interlacing layers of languages emerges the singular art works that compose his corpus. On stage, this multidisciplinary approach translate in “scenographic installations” that profoundly challenge traditional theatrical notions.

Émile served as Artistic Director of Avatar, a Quebec City-based electronic and audio art centre and, for more than 20 years, as Artistic Director of Recto Verso, an interdisciplinary art production organization. During this time, he produced many new works by numerous artists and instigated and directed twelve annual editions of Le Mois Multi, a multidisciplinary and electronic art festival. Émile has collaborated extensively with a range of artists (most notably Jocelyn Robert and John Oswald). He is presently completing a PhD at UQAM (Montreal).