The Radiant Forest

I have been recording the luminous imprints of plants via electromagnetic photography for 20 years, and assembling an ‘energy herbarium’ at the intersection of two creative visions: Goethe’s prescient understanding of nature’s workings, and David Bohm’s far-reaching considerations on cosmic enfoldings. The Radiant Forest explores light and its expression on various planes: the leaves of the energy herbarium are delicate interfaces at the intersection of two highly reactive phenomena: photography and electromagnetism. Fragments of plants, extracted from the image and enlarged, form an echo of other cosmic spaces revealed by the Hubble telescope. They evoke the holographic nature of the universe and the manifestation of its non-linear dimensions in matter. Perhaps the small plant icons from the radiant forest can infiltrate fixed perceptions about the consistency of things, and point towards a vision predicated on the luminous matrix of the universe.

Marie-Jeanne Musiol

Marie­-Jeanne Musiol explores different aspects of photographic revelation. She records the luminous imprints of plants captured in electromagnetic fields to constitute her energy herbaria set forth in several gallery and outdoor installations nationally and internationally: Garden of Shade, Garden of Light (Montreal Botanical Garden); Bodies of Light (ZKM, Karlsruhe; Medialab, Madrid; Ludwig Museum, Budapest; La Maison Européenne de la Photo, Paris); Mirrors of the Cosmos (Pierre­ François Ouellette art contemporain, Montreal); The Radiant Forest (Riga, Latvia; The International Techno Exhibition of New Taipei, Taiwan; Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa; Jardins de Métis, Quebec; Oakland University Art Gallery, USA ). Her more recent works, probing mirror images of the cosmos enfolded in the light corona of plants, explore magnetic fields as carriers of information emblematic of the holographic universe. In parallel to these investigations, she continues to question the absence of light and the enduring black hole embodied by the concentration camp of Auschwitz where she regularly journeys.