Fiat Lux: The Reign of Nuclear Light

This slide-talk presentation by photographer Robert Del Tredici will be a meditation on energetic photons from the Bomb. It will take viewers through the optics, physics, and psychotics of Nuclear Light and its opposite, the Nuclear Dark. The photographer will illustrate his talk with a selection of his portraits of nuclear pioneers and his landscapes of spaces forever altered by the Bomb. The talk will also incorporate archival visuals and modern graphic visions meant to function like hieroglyphs to help clarify the contours and the consequences of the most stunning earthly light we have, mostly indirectly, ever seen.

Robert Del Tredici

Robert Del Tredici, photographer, founder of the Atomic Photographers Guild and lecturer, Film Studies, Concordia University, Montreal. Del Tredici will discuss issues related to invisibility and time through the example of his long-term project documenting the US nuclear weapons industry and the legacies of their contaminated sites as an ongoing responsibility for present and future generations.