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Online Learning During COVID-19 Questionnaires – I need your help!


I am Mollie Smith and I am a master’s student in the Digital Media Program. I’m working on a journalism project for my master’s thesis on the impact of online learning on students, faculty and staff in the Faculty of Communication and Design. This questionnaire is developed for students at the various schools under FCAD. It has six sections and 22 questions (Over 70% of those are short-answer/Likert scale or multiple questions). If you’re interested in a follow-up interview, please provide your contact information in the last section, as requested.

Link to Student Questionnaire:


The results from these questionnaires will help contribute qualitative and quantitative research findings for my major research project paper. The interviews will be used to create a journalism piece of long-form narrative non-fiction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out via email to Mollie Smith (mollie.smith@ryerson.ca) or my supervisor Sonya Fatah (sonya.fatah@ryerson.ca).