Kino Guarimba: A Film Residency In Southern Italy Mar09


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Kino Guarimba: A Film Residency In Southern Italy

Kino Guarimba is a film training program structured as an artistic residency, involving film professionals and students of different backgrounds, including actors, operators, sound engineers and editors. Participants meet in Amantea to design, produce and shoot short films that will be publicly screened during the final evening. The selected filmmakers are going to form a group of participants diversified in profession, culture, and background.

The fifth edition of Kino Guarimba will take place on 10th – 21st June 2022 in Amantea, a small beach town in Southern Italy. 
During the 12 days of the program, there will be several moments of training in the field, meetings and masterclasses, as well as collective meals, film screenings and moments of socialization to bring the participants closer to the Calabrian culture. People from Amantea will be directly involved in the production as actors, extras and members of the crews. At the end of the residency, the films made will be screened in front of the participants and the community, who will witness the result of a process of exchange and comparison that will lead to cultural and social enrichment. 
If you are a filmmaker, actor or tech crew and want to film your next story in a typical Italian town with an international crew send in your application before the 5th of May here:

Contact information: