Crew Call Mar31


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Crew Call

The crew positions available:

Production designer

Art director

Costume designer

Sound Mixer

Props Master

Director of photography

Assistant Directors

Associate producer

Locations manager

Storyboard artist

Production assistant x3

Union status:  

Unpaid/paid (transportation/food )

Non-Union, Honorarium, Transportation and food will be provided.


Will need to work with the location manager to discuss. We require small world war one style trenches, a soccer field, and a “santa’s workshop” type area.

Vaccination status requirement

Should be double vaccinated, unless medical exemption is provided.

Tentative production dates
Spring/Summer, late May, will need to discuss in further detail with crew.
About & Contact Information:

I am working with Benish Films. Adam Benish of Benish Films has 15 years experience as an assistant director and filmmaker.

The film is a monty-python style take on the Christmas Soccer Truce of World War One. Interested crew members should look up information on the December 25, 1914 truce between British and German soldiers.  We are aiming to bring some little-known European myths and characters to North American audiences. The characters who participate in this soccer game have been selected by me, after years of research surrounding christmas lore.

The writer and producer, (me) Michael Martin-Dillon, I have a masters degree in history and this project is my way of showing the world how diverse and bizarre Christmas has been and can be. Folks may think that what I am presenting here is unique and strange (it is), however, if this short inspires a deeper dive into Christmas, any interested party will quickly learn that the lore surrounding that holiday is extensive. In many ways, the myths I echo in this silly story are stranger than what I am presenting. I am looking forward to having the crew take a look at the script. It took me a long time to craft this, even though it’s somewhat silly. I am a fan of Chekov and Sartre, I also love South Park.

I can be reached at 647-606-8327 and at this email,