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Animal Rights Day will be a one day event held on the campuses of Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario on Thursday October 3, 2013.

We are a team of WLU and UW students who have been planning for and organizing this event since fall 2012. We are seeking a talented student or graduate who can videotape the event and, using excellent editing skills, produce a moving one hour documentary about it.

This is a paid opportunity. Payment will be $1,000.00.


The objectives in creating the documentary are to:

  • promote reapplication of the Animal Rights Day concept at other institutions
  • provide a learning tool to educate a wide variety of audiences about the issues addressed in Animal Rights Day
  • stimulate audiences everywhere to advocate for the rights of animals

The Task

  • videotape the event, including:
    • Interactions between attendees and animal rights and vegan organizations who have set up booths from which they will disseminate information,
    • Reactions of attendees to the free vegan food samples provided
    • The four panel discussions each of which will be followed by a Q&A session
    • The guest speaker’s address, followed by a Q&A session
    • Media reaction and coverage
    • Capture not only the content but also the feelings, emotions, and reactions of attendees
    • Edit the tape into an exciting and impactful one hour film documenting Animal Rights Day
    • Time permitting, the successful applicant could also consider interviewing key participants of the event such as the guest speaker or several of the panelists
    • Interviews of attendees both before and after attending the event could also prove useful in documenting how their perspectives and behaviors may have changed

Conclusion and Next Steps

We believe that animal rights is one of the compelling issues of our time. It certainly is about the pain and suffering of billions of sentient beings in the food, clothing and entertainment industries as well as in laboratories everywhere. But it also speaks to the sustainability of the earth’s environment and our collective ability to feed the world’s ever growing population. Last, eating a plant versus meat-based diet leads to major improvements in personal health.

The successful applicant will have not only the technical skills required to do this job but will also understand how to bring out the emotional side of this story.

I would be pleased to respond to questions.

Please contact Bob at 519 742 7830 or at bob.judyclark@sympatico.ca

Please refer to our website (a work in progress) for further details at animalrightsday.com.

Thank you for considering this opportunity